Learning Links Preschool employs professional, qualified and experienced staff who strive for excellence through reflective practice and commitment to an ongoing personal learning journey.

Our staff are caring, approachable and responsive to all children’s learning abilities.

High staff to child ratios at Learning Links

Our preschool enjoys high staff to child ratios well exceeding the minimum requirements applying to children’s services. We believe high staff to child ratios together with staff who are qualified and experienced helps to ensure a high quality program and positive outcomes for children.

We employ:

  • Early Childhood Teacher – university qualified
  • Early Childhood Educators – Diploma
  • Early Childhood Educators – Certificate III

Our staff are certified in first aid, asthma and anaphylaxis management.

In addition, to provide every child and family with a comprehensive preschool program, we employ the following staff who work collaboratively with our teaching team and families:

  • Speech Pathologist
  • Occupational Therapist

Leadership Team

The Preschool program is professionally managed and led by our experienced early childhood qualified Early Childhood Manager.

Our Manager works together with the Preschool staff, Learning Links Leadership and Board and families to achieve high quality education and care reflected by our Exceeding rating in relation to the National Quality Standards.

Preschool Staff Roles


Our Preschool employs:

  • Early Childhood Teachers who are university qualified in Early Childhood Education;
  • Educators who have completed the Diploma in Children’s Education and Care; and
  • Child Care Workers who hold the Certificate III in Early Education and Care.

Our team of educators, led by our Early Childhood Teachers, provide education and care for children. Our educators have extensive knowledge and experience in supporting and promoting children’s learning across all areas of development in a preschool program.

Speech Pathologist

Our Speech Pathologist assists children at Learning Links Preschool to communicate to the best of their ability. This is particularly with children who have difficulties expressing their ideas, asking for help, understanding what others say and following instructions. Speech Pathologists also collaborate with staff and families to support and facilitate children’s communication skills in all contexts.

Speech Pathologists work together with educators at preschool to help support and enhance a child’s ability to learn and address:

  • Pronouncing and articulating sounds (phonology and articulation)
  • Expressing ideas, making requests and asking questions (expressive language)
  • Understanding what is being said and following instructions (receptive language)
  • Social language skills used in daily interactions with others (pragmatic skills)
  • Pre-reading skills (literacy)
  • Ability to hear the sounds that make up words in spoken language (phonological awareness)
  • Stuttering
  • Voice problems

Occupational Therapist

The Occupational Therapist’s focus is to support children to engage in their primary occupations of learner, player, and self carer.

At Learning Links Preschool, our Occupational Therapist enhances the teaching of fine and gross motor skills across the program, and assists children to access all areas of the program and their environment to the best of their ability.

Our Occupational Therapist may also assist children with:

  • Self-help skills such as participating in meal times, or around toileting.
  • Taking part in learning experiences with their peers.
  • Participating in and enjoying play
  • Understanding sensory processing issues.

Our Occupational Therapist collaborates closely with the classroom teachers to set goals, and assess the achievement of those goals.

Student Work Placements 

Our Preschool has strong relationships with many universities and TAFE Colleges. We regularly offer placement to students under the supervision of our professional team. Work experience placements for students form Secondary Schools are also sometimes available, where there is a particular interest in the work that we do.

If you’d like to organise a placement at Learning Links Preschool, please get in touch with the Preschool Manager on 8525 8230 or via email Please include information from your school, TAFE or University regarding the requirements of the placement.